As I mentioned I am going through the pre-menopause. What no one mentioned to me was that in pre-menopause there can be a lot of bleeding. My mum mentioned some years back, that my late granmum had a hysterectomy when she reach the pre-menopause case she didn´t stop bleeding. A hysterectomy is when the doctor operates out the womb and the ovaries.

After the hysterectomy my granmum had a lot of health problems and pain. Horrible pain. After her operations among others she got constipation problems, some days the pain in her stomach was so bad she was unable to stand up or walk.

Anyway in the beginning of November I started to bleed and it just never stopped. Some days it was really heavy bleeding which went through all my clothes, so I had to keep an extra outfit at work, and on these days I stood in stead of sitting down to have more control of the bleedings.

I read online that there was medicine to be taken to stop the bleeding. But I decided that the body knows best, and when it wants to shed the blood it would let it. Looking at it as a cleansing period. And hoping that letting my body work undisturbed, my ovaries and womb healthy in the long run.


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