What should I share on my blog

I haven´t been blogging for a while. There has been tears and there has been put downs and stress which took my attention.

I am now fit for fight again. Having been through the motion, I don´t want to feel or be like this anymore. I want to know what does women do or look like that get married to a good husband? that have the familylife I crave? Who build the family together? And build a strong union together? I want to know and I want to succeed at it too.

As I am getting rid of 45 kg/ 7st 12lbs/ 99,02 lbs of waste on my body, that waste is not only body fat but also stuck emotions. Emotions I ate to suppress and that therefore got stuck in my body.  It´s time to heal up on every level and find real love. Whether that is with the guy I am with now or not.




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