What is starch based food?

From my post yesterday about how menopause is connected to clogged up fallopians tubes from eating starch based food, I have googled and read several articles to work out what starch based food is. And to my horror I found out starch based food are everything I love to eat, it is basically my diet. Take a look at the picture below.


 But why is starchy food bad for me?

It is bad for me cause it create mucus in my body. And since I have eaten starchy food my whole life it has built up and now caused my menopause and they say also my hair greying and loosing hair.


I do not know if this information is true or false. But I have so much life in me and I want to enjoy living for full for the coming 50 years. That is why I am willing to go to extreme and try a mucusfree diet. In the coming week I will write about what a mucus free diet is.

I do not have any medical education and knowledge, contact you doctor before making any changes in your daily life.


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