The picture below explain what I am going through.


And I would like to add 3 more issues:

  • Greying hair
  • Hairloss
  • constant heavy bleeding and expelling clogged blood

I have been looking into what I can do to ease this discomfort, I want to do it naturally and not take any more pharmacies.

I have lived on a sad diet, and have several health issues I know off, and probably others I do not know of. But now it is time for a change.

And googling I came across this article


Reading the above I admit I am guilty of solely eating  starch-based foods, so yes this could be true for me. So as they say here my fallopian tubes could be clogged.

The clip above says that to relive myself of the menopause I must change my diet to the alkaline diet and drink 3 liters of spring water per day.

Is that really true? How come I then haven´t heard of it before? And would I be able to change my life and habit this way?

Thinking of my present situation, and how despairingly I want to get my thick hair back, have natural color of my hair, get slim,  thight skin, smooth skin, stop the flood of blood (which I have had every day for 6 months now) etc etc etc…..

And what if this is scam and does not work? What should I do then? Well with a better diet I would regardless become slimmer, healthier and feel better about myself. So YES I will do this!





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